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100% natural, L.A.-grown Loofah Sponges
Silver Lake Farms grows and sells 100% natural loofah sponges. They grow
on vines about 20 feet long and are in the same family as pumpkins and zucchinis/courgettes. They have the same yellow flowers that bees love.

Loofahs are well known for exfoliating and revitalizing skin, cleaning pores
and making skin soft.

Loofahs also make great scouring pads. I use them with baking soda to scrub stuff clean around the house: dishes, pans, countertops, floors, vinyl chairs - you get the idea.

Loofahs last about six months, sometimes longer; depending on size and softness. Wash loofah sponges in the washing machine and compost them when they're completely done.

Prices vary according to size.

We make and sell a limited number of "holders." What's a "holder"? It was originally designed by my husband, Beat, to help me harvest, transport and display my flowers at market. The design is based on old milk bottle carriers. The holders we sell are the same as the ones I use for market, except smaller. They make a great gift. $75. includes glass.




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