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Garden & homestead design, installation, consultations

My husband, Beat, and I design and install productive gardens, little mini homesteads that produce vegetables and herbs, cut flowers and fruit. We install drought tolerant gardens, balcony/rooftop containers, orchards and drip irrigation systems; we factor in rainwater harvesting and we build compost bins. A productive organic garden needs perennials and wildflowers for beneficial insect habitats to thrive. Our garden designs include this too. If you want chickens, we'll design your coop.

If all you need is a little guidance in the garden, I offer a consultation service.

The Team

Beat was an architect in Switzerland before moving to Hollywood to work as an art director on commercials and films. He’s a master at design, construction, problem solving, engineering, logistics and technical stuff. He’s also our bread-baking, meat-smoking, mushroom-hunting Mountain Man.

Like many garden designers, I started in my own backyard. Back in 2001, it was a pretty desolate, unkempt half-acre plot overgrown with weeds and littered with junk. But it had great bones: three tiers of sizeable terraces at the foot of a north-facing hill flattening out to an open field in full sun. Tons of growing potential!

Such a location offers a myriad of microclimates each requiring its own brand of TLC. I decided I would administer this myself. I didn’t know a thing about gardening so I enrolled at Pierce Community College after a 10-year career in marketing and public relations to study soil science, botany, plants, horticulture and the art of landscape design.

In 2003, I became a certified farmer.

Services include:

Garden design
• Concept/Design $175 an hour
• Installation/Project Management $65 an hour

House calls giving professional advice and hands-on instruction regarding soil, plant and garden care. Flat rate of $125.

Contact Tara at (323) 644-3700 or email me here.








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